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Web Development By J. Monagas is the brainchild of Jose G. Monagas, a full stack web developer with a solid, professional background in Applied Linguistics. Being highly skilled in copywriting and proofreading in English and Spanish enables him to produce quality content for the Internet

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Our approach is down to earth and incorporates creativity, problem solving skills, and project management to translate business requirements into actionable development plans, coordinate implementation efforts, and on time, on budget results. Three keywords that describe us perfectly are: Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness. We are passionate about building user friendly websites and apps that are meant to be used in real life situations. We focus on simplicity and performance while managing the complexities of each web development project.

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Our web development skills are evolving while the covid-19 digital transformation continues to disrupt traditional industries. We focus on what we can do! If we do not have the answer right away, we will let you know without false pretenses. Next, we will invest the time needed to research thoughtfully, find the information required, and get that answered for you. We only ask that you offer a detailed report of the issue you encountered based on your needs. If you commit to working with us, there will be no charge for the initial consultation.

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Whether you are just exploring your niche or have already decided what your next marketing steps will be, even if you already have a business strategy and online presence, including a fully functional website generated via WordPress or Shopify or Wix or BigCommerce... you are just scratching the surface and getting more acquainted with new technologies. This ability is vital to increase the revenue per visitor. Let's have this conversation! Let ideas flow.

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Phone: 4 zero three(3 nine 7)3696
Email: jmonagas(at)hotmail(dot)ca
City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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We do not have to reinvent the wheel! You must have heard of how Jeff Bezos started Amazon off as an online bookstore right from his garage back in 1994. Next, Jack Ma founded Alibaba right from his own apartment in 1999. The cofounder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, was a self educated electronics engineer. So, do not even think about putting all of your precious business budget on expensive social media marketing campaigns, because that is not your only choice.

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